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There has always been an ongoing debate between the industry sector and environmental campaigners about the impact the palm oil industry has on the environment. Issues such as deforestation, land-grabbing, and human rights exploitation have been highlighted as issues by environmentalists.

In order to ease this concern, we at PinePac believe that a peaceful, considerate solution must be sought out in order to safeguard the ecosystem while also focusing on the company’s growth. We have established efficient workflows to set a balance between our workforce, the environment, and company productivity to ensure sustainability and long-term success. The group does its very best to make sure that we have minimal impact on the environment.

We wholeheartedly understand that nature’s wellbeing is essential. To help cut-down pollution we have adopted the zero-burning technique. And in regards to soil erosion, minimal terracing are done and leguminous cover-crops are planted in all areas to drastically minimise the effects this has on the land.

In order to further spearhead our goal as a ‘green’ company, we shall replace chemical fertiliser with bio-fertilisers on a wide scale, which will prevent the depletion of natural microbes.

PinePac shall carry out these steps with the stakeholders in mind. Every effort is being taken to ensure company stability as well as practicing the best agricultural methods possible. We believe we can become role-models in this field by creating a way of working that promises growth while simultaneously caring for the environment.

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