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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our success is based on the three cornerstones that form a great company; performance, products, and people. Hence, our aim is to become a preferred partner in building communities based on these three essential elements.

To achieve our goals, we keep these simple yet profound principles in mind while carrying out daily operations:

Your Partner
At PinePac, we prefer to be called partners, because to us this isnít just a job, itís our passion! By working together, we embrace unity, welcome diversity, and do our absolute best to create a place where each of us can excel as individuals and as a whole. Here, we uphold a standard where every individual is treated with respect and dignity.  

Community Builder
Being a company of the 21st century, we understand that every business is part of a community, and we aim to be the best neighbours one can find! We work hard towards being a force for positive action, to pioneer a new standard of business on a global scale, and to be welcomed with open arms by partners, customers, and the community wherever we go.

We realise that itís our responsibility to contribute to the community, and we plan to do just that, now that our potential for greatness has immensely grown over the years.

Exemplary Performer
Performance is pivotal to us, yet we truly understand the importance of balancing profit with long-term growth. The company will never mortgage its future for the sake of short-term gain.

At PinePac, we believe in nurturing long lasting relationships. We emphasise on developing great Key Performance Index (KPI) from our business units, as well as establishing fair and balanced policies, rights, and responsibilities in order to create a warm and friendly business environment to help strengthen the bond with our partners and clients.

We also strive to deliver superior returns to the foundation of our business - our shareholders.

Excellent Sustainable Products
Being a company that outputs products that are distributed on a massive scale and in high-demand, we believe in quality, honesty, and integrity while producing those products. Our passion drives us towards sourcing the finest ecological raw materials, which in turn ensures the quality of our final products and services.; the standards that we are judged.

We are confident that our goods are superior in quality; the result of implementing strong work ethics in our daily workflow.

And because we deeply care about the people who work around the clock to help make this happen, it is our principle to ensure their lives are enhanced and made better by being a part of us.

The People Company
The heart of every company is undoubtedly its people. They are our true building-blocks and our most important asset. With that respect and recognition, we constantly ensure that those who contribute to PinePacís welfare are given equitable compensation and benefits. We reward our own people with advancements based on performance and abilities.

And to top all that, we provide them with a safe and conducive working environment, with hope that it encourages greater productivity, builds a stress-free atmosphere, and creates healthier relationships among all who work here.  Most of all, at PinePac we always stress the importance of respecting one another, a value that has helped us become a role model within the community. 

As a forward-thinking company, we always provide our employees with the right support to help them hone their skills and develop their abilities. We encourage teamwork amongst all levels of the company. We trust that by working with our employees and eliminating any problems, we can focus on moving forward and reaching bigger and better goals.

One of the chief traits the company welcomes is creativity, and thus weíre always eager to receive new ideas and suggestions that will help the company reach new heights from our employees and partners.

Needless to say, we are sensitive towards the needs of all those who work with us, and we work hard towards meeting those needs better than our competitors. Our responsiveness towards our partners, employees, and shareholders is what has made us into the company we are today, and we plan to keep heading in that direction.

All these procedures help in upgrading our productivity. And because productivity is the key to our evolution, we diligently carry out our responsibilities to enhance the quality of our end results.

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